Men, Don't Let A Woman Marry You To Be Used

One of the errors happening in today's world in the name of marriage is that, there are some women who consider themselves rich and well to do, and deem it okay to buy a husband for themselves. They marry men, pay the bride price, provide for and turn them into a cooks, house boys, gate keepers, sex machine, etc. These men have no say because they were bought to be used.

God is a God of order. He had a reason when He created the man first. There is a reason for making the man masculine; to enable the man work and protect his household.

There was a reason God gave the man a woman as a helper. What it means is, this world is a man's world; men run the show, not the helpers. The helper is there to help the man.

The man is to love and protect the helper, the helper is to be submissive and respect the man. If you are a man and any woman agrees to marry you, what she needs to understand is, she is coming into your life as your helper. She is not in your life to run you, control you or dictate to you. A helper seeks for wisdom and direction for she doesn't know the vision of the man.

A helper is not God, only God knows the vision of the man and before a woman becomes a man's right helper, she needs to understand this. She should understand that to be able to help the man, she needs to ask for direction from the man. For the man knows where he is going.

No matter how rich you are as a woman, your age or position in society, you can't alter God's creation. If you agree to call any man your man, it means you want to respect and be submitted to him. He is not your man if you can't respect or be submissive to him.

It also means, being richer than him doesn't permit you to order him around as your servant, not even if you are the one who owns the house, cars or pay for the bills. A godly woman remembers she is nothing without God, and also admits that whatever she has is because of God's grace. She will obey God by treating her husband the way God wants him to be treated.

Such a woman will help the man and not destroy him. Helping him is giving him all the support he needs to succeed. He is called a man by creation and not by what he has acquired here on earth. If you want your husband to be rich, help him to become so. It is an error to try to turn your man into a slave so you can become the man of the house. It is demonic to do that. It means you know better than God.

No one is perfect, you are not, but one thing we can all do is to remain genuine. Be who God created you to be. Know your purpose and pursue that. You are fake if you try to be who you are not.

To my fellow men who are desperate in life, and think marriage is the only means to your survival, you are wrong. You are priceless so don't be bought in the name of marriage. You are created as a man and being a man is what makes you fulfilled. It is far better to be alone and enjoy your own company than to be married to a fake woman.

The only marriages that will work on this earth are the ones that follow the instructions of the Creator. Anyone who rejects or ignores God's instructions can never love you. Such a person cannot understand you and therefore will not appreciate you. That person will try to change you into what you are not. But the one who accepts God is willing to learn about you. Only the one who learns about you understands you better.

In conclusion "She will not hinder him but help him all her life" - Proverbs 31:12 (TLB).

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