What Shows Your Partner Loves You?

Will your partner still love you if you can't give them sex or satisfy them in bed? Will they stay when you are broke or fired from work? Will they still be with you if you lose your home or you become homeless? What shows your partner will still agree to be with you when you have nothing to offer them? Will they find a way to be with you or look for an excuse to leave you?

The answers to these questions and more are in dating, not in marriage. Many people founded their relationship or love on money, sex, properties etc, no wonder their spouses left them when they couldn't give them any of the things they fell in love with. It also means, had it not been those things, they wouldn't have been with them in the first place. In a nutshell, their partner didn't love them. They rather loved the things they were getting from the relationship.

It's funny to hear "my husband is a two-minute man so I am leaving him", and crazier to say "my wife is no more sexy so the love I have for her has expired". This is the description of modern relationships and marriages.

People are more concerned about the size of manhood, how long one can sustain ejaculation, how active one is in bed, etc. Sex has become one of the main focus of modern day marriages. Yet people are married to local porn stars and their marriages still failed woefully.

Was God wrong when he warned against premarital sex? Did Solomon miss it when he said beauty is vain after testing 1000 women? Was it a mistake for God to create only one woman for the male?

No way, God is always right and anyone who thinks he or she is wiser or smarter than God is a fool and sick. If one will abstain from sex and won't practice or experiment it in anyway, we won't have premature ejaculation, we won't be comparing our partners to others, we will not have a cause to leave them for something better because your partner is as good as the one elsewhere.

Love is caring for someone without expecting anything in return. If the person who claims to love you, truly does, they will have zero expectation from you but have a hundred percent appreciation for you. They will embrace your challenges, shortfalls, weaknesses and help you become better. They won't leave you or forsake you. Your burden becomes their burden, your happiness is theirs as well.

So next time you start dating someone, put them to the test, if they pass then you can go ahead and marry them. Insist on no sex before marriage, if they can and won't get it elsewhere, it means their love for you is not about sex. If they can date you without money, without properties but believe in you and love you for you and not for the things you give them, then you can confidently say you found love.

Stop getting desperate in life, wait for what is right and don't rush with what is easy. The best things in life sometimes come after a long period of waiting. Be with someone who looks for friendship from you, not someone who looks for things from you.

In conclusion "but test everything that is said to be sure it is true, and if it is, then accept it. Keep away from every kind of evil" - 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 (TLB).

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