Daily Motivation

Don't Marry A Good-At-Doing-Nothing Person

I love him so much but he is not working, can I go ahead and marry him? She doesn't feel like working, I have all the money, can I go ahead and marry her? He is waiting for the parents to establish him, but time is running out and I have enough money, can I help with the marriage preparation so we can get married?
These are just few of the questions I get daily on whether to marry someone who is idle and doing nothing, someone waiting for the Government to employ them or waiting to hit a jackpot or a get miracle from heaven.

When Forgiveness Becomes Foolishness In Dating

I marvel at the way some singles and those dating behave these days, going back to the one who hurt them over and over, all in the name of forgiveness and in an attempt to get them to marriage, making forgiveness become foolishness.
As innocent as a child is, if he decides to play with a snake and gets bitten, there is no need going back to the snake for a second bite in order it to know if that is how snakes behave.

Never Marry Anyone Who Abuses You

This message is dedicated to singles in abusive relationships. Sometimes it’s funny what people think love is and end up getting trapped in an abusive relationship. They live in pain and fear, yet they can't seem to quit because they believe their partners will change, that things will get better, that they are in love and might not find someone better when they leave, or that they will never love again.

Stay Off Negatives

As far as we have God and there is Satan, there will always be negatives no matter how much we try to be positive.


Sometimes one can't imagine how on earth he got a spot of stain in their white attire no matter how careful they were?


Why He Will Never Marry You

There is a maturity period for everything under the sun; there is a period for bearing fruits and a time for investment to mature. Plants and animals have theirs and humans also have theirs in various forms; it takes a woman nine months of pregnancy to give birth; schooling has its maturity period depending on what you are studying, the institution and country.


Life Goes On

I was not only surprised but also shocked today as I watched the 2016 American Elections unfold. Even though I had no vote, I was so sure Clinton was going to win easily. I got myself some popcorn and stayed awake all night as if I had a favourite movie to enjoy. Little did I know that the romantic comedy was going to turn out to be a tragic and horror movie.

Relationship With An Empty Love Tank

Many of us had a bad upbringing. We were not loved, we didn't know what real love was, we were not cherished, we were not appreciated and we are not accepted.
We grew up empty, looking for people to fill this vacuum in our heart. Someone to accept us, appreciate us, welcome us, give us listening ears, hug us when we are down and give us a shoulder when we feel like crying.

How Do You Know They Are Good For You

Not everyone who comes into our lives is meant to stay. Some are visitors, here today and gone tomorrow; some are loved ones, no matter how the journey gets, they stay glued to us.
The problem is how do you differentiate between a visitor and a loved one. How do you know someone is good for you? How do you know he or she is your life partner?