Daily Motivation

Don't Date If You Are Not Ready For Marriage

Are you in a relationship or dating someone now when you know you are not ready for marriage? One of the reasons why many people end up in bad marriages is because they started dating at a time they were not ready for marriage; but because they had dated this person for so long, they felt obliged to marry them. Knowing it wasn't what they desired, they prayed and hoped things would get better.

The Tragedy Of Single Men

Anytime people want to express love, they use symbols like heart, flower, etc which means God didn't make a mistake when He gave Adam his first job as a gardener; to make the garden beautiful, and later tasked husbands to love their wives.

Taking care of a garden requires lots of hard work, taking its beauty into consideration by constant watering, clearing of weeds, pruning, etc. The man was trained to learn how to bring out the beauty in things and it was no accident when he was given a beautiful woman as a wife and then asked to love and make her more beautiful.

What is LOVE to YOU?

It’s hard to say this but the truth is many people, both married and singles, are not in love. They are rather in trade. If you think I am lying, why don't you answer this simple question "What makes you think you love your partner?". It’s either how they make you feel or what they do for you. And in fact that's what holds the relationship. Such a relationship is conditional and bound to end when these conditions are no more available.

No Review, No Resolution

If I should ask you this: "Were you proud of all the things you did in the previous year"? I wouldn’t know your answer but I am not proud of everything I did the previous year. However I can boldly say I am very proud of what I learnt from my actions, and that might be the difference between us.

As we begin the new year, many people are busily making resolutions; it is a good thing to do but the question is, how effective will this be? I am very sure the same thing was done for the previous year. 

Singles Resolution For A Good Marriage

Are you single or in a relationship, hoping to get married in the years ahead? Many of the singles hope and pray for a successful marriage but many don't know that the road to success is always under construction. If you wish to have a good marriage in the future then it requires that you start working on yourself now. 

Make a resolution to become a future best husband or wife for your spouse. Once you make this resolution, ask yourself, how can I achieve that? This will remain only a dream unless you work at it.

Are Your Parents Against Your Choice Of Life Partner?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand our parents. We know they love us so much and don't intend anything bad for us but some of their decisions when it comes to marriage just breaks our hearts a thousand times. Here is a case you have met someone who invests in you and cares for you wholeheartedly. Someone who is attentive to your needs and wants, one who is so bold and clear about their love for you without questions and doubts; yet your parents says no to him or her. 

Unmarried Men Are Not Useless

Unmarried men have an equal blessing as unmarried women. They are blessed whether married or not. The blessings that a man obtains when he gets married is just a bonus. Call it rewards for marriage. It is therefore wrong for anyone to suggest that unmarried men are useless. It is like a child mistaking salt for sugar because they are both white.

Don’t Buy Marriage With Sex

Marriage comes before sex, marriage comes before children, and marriage comes before kissing. When you meet someone and he or she is not concerned about marriage but only interested in sex, children, kissing, then you have met someone who is ready to use you but not ready to love you.

You need a farm to cultivate a plant, you need a job to earn a salary, you need a TV set to access a channel; it’s not the other way round. You are a thief anytime you go to harvest from a farm which doesn't belong to you even if it has no owner. You are a thief if you earn salary without working.

You Don’t Have To Be A Fool To Be In Love

In love, there is nothing like one person having to act as a fool whilst the other acts as the wise person. This is one of the mistakes people make in relationships and they end up becoming resentful, keeping lots of bitterness and hurt inside. You are hurt yet you can't express your feelings because you see yourself as the fool. To been in love is to be stupid together or wise together, not one being wise and the other a fool.

How Apathy Destroys Relationships

Learning from the recent election which took place in Ghana, you will realize that lots of the people did not turn up to vote or simply refused to vote. It is just as if they saw no sense in voting, because the party, the government or the individual they believed so much in, ignored them; someone so special to them, took them for granted.