Daily Motivation

Ladies, Don't Marry A Boy-Friend

Many relationships are in crises today because one is married to an immature person. Truth be told, many women are marred to boys. Boys who are not ripe for marriage. Boys who need to stay a little longer with their parents. If you have to marry then look for a man-friend and not a boy-friend.

Being mature is not about age or your college degree or earnings. Maturity is about responsibilities. You can be old and still act as a child. You can be old and still not be responsible. Being a man is about responsibility, to be able to cultivate, keep and provide.

Learning To Love Your Partner

Love is a choice we make, a decision we take. You can choose to love an enemy; and in some marriages people are married to their enemies and not lovers. Enemies because of the treatment, insult, abuse, etc. they get.

In case you are married and wake up to find out your loving spouse has turned into an enemy overnight, what do you do; knowing marriage has a door but no window; knowing marriage is for better for worse; knowing divorce is not God's plan for marriage.

Don't Marry A Mummy's Boy

Don't marry a mummy's boy, rather marry your man. If you want to have a happy marriage as a woman then you need a man whose attention you don't have to compete for. You need a man who puts you first. A man who puts you above his mother, he doesn't regard you more than her but you are top on his priorities. If you marry a man who makes the mother more important than you, then you married a wrong man.

She Is Not A Blessing If She Wants Sex Before Marriage

One of the big question single men ask is, "How do I know she is the right woman God has for me, since he who finds the right woman obtains favour from God?” This means there are some women who are definitely not right for you. One of such women is the one who forces you to have premarital sex with them.

No matter how beautiful they are, how hard working they are, or the role they play in church, if they have to force you to bed or put pressure on you for sex, then she is not the kind of woman who will be a blessing to your life.

Use What You Have To Get What You Want

This is one popular statement that runs the lives of a lot of people. It has actually become their philosophy in life. They use what they have to get what they want, but don't know that what they used to get it is not the same thing that can be used to keep what they got.

It's easy to get attention by making noise but do you know that not everyone likes noise? The truth is, noise will rather drive people away after getting their initial attention.

Stop Giving People Second Chances During Dating

There is this question on whether to give someone a second chance during dating or not. I don't think you have to give people second chances during dating when there are others waiting for their first chance. The reason is simple, the second chance means absolutely nothing if nothing was learnt from the first.

Even with only one life, people still play with it not to talk of letting them know they have a second chance, they will surely not be careful with their actions. It is human nature. So set the rules before you start dating.

It Is Women Who Condone Premarital Sex

Singles these days find it impossible to date someone without sex; to get married without first fornicating. Many are in a no-sex before marriage relationship, yet they kiss, romance, finger, fondle, etc. Sin is the condition of the heart. Just a lustful look or unholy thought of someone qualifies you for sin. If you are not married, no human owns your body; your body is for God. Man can only acquire that through marriage.

Women Fall For Storytellers

Lots of men get carried away by the beauty of a woman and are quick to speak without thinking. They become extremely excited and begin to make promises in an attempt to win the love of the woman, forgetting that promises are like babies, fun to make, easy to make but hard to deliver. 

One can appear to be the nicest you have ever met by the way they talk, their kindness towards you at first, but it's only a matter of time to test their true colour, for them to reveal their true intention, their real character.

Love Is Not Cheap

Love is not cheap as people think. If it was then the question is, why are lots of people in bad relationships when they can easily afford a good one? Why do we have so much fake love parading? Why is true love so hard to find? This is happening because we are giving what is so expensive to people who can't afford it and due to that many don't know its worth.