Mr. Frank Edem Adofoli

A Counselor, Motivational Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur
A perfect speaker for you for any event being Church, organization, Academic, Social, etc. He efficiently combines motivation and practicality in his teaching. He is gifted when it comes to what he does best, ability to create excitement and fun at his seminars. Making events memorable, enjoyable and unforgettable.

Frank Edem Adofoli is the founder and CEO of Share Your Worry, a community where people find real time solutions for real time issues.

He is a software developer by profession, a Counselor, Motivational speaker Author and and Entrepreneur, with remarkable effect and feedback

He is a frequent speaker and commentator on relationship and marriage counseling; stress and anger management; gift and talent development at different institutions and on various media platforms.

For the past years Frank has written and recorded daily Motivational messages which cut across a variety of social issues.

A lot of his numerous articles have been published by major websites and print media.

Through his Seminars, speaking engagement, counselling and activities on social media, he has motivated and positively influenced thousands of people.